Proudly Serving

The Treasure Valley

We accept only those patients/clients whose health care can be properly met by the services we offer and by the area we serve. We deliver all our products and services to customers in the United States of America with emphasis on Idaho, specifically the Treasure Valley.

5 Simple Steps Brace Fitting

  • Physician provides a prescription

    complete with diagnosis codes, medical notes, your demographics and insurance information.

  • We Schedule Fitting

    Boise Spine and Orthopedic Bracing staff will contact you to schedule your fitting. Our  Durable Medical Equipment billing specialist will verify your insurance coverage.

  • We Fit Brace Specifically to You

    We fit the prescribed brace specifically to you and educate you about your responsibilities, compliance with use to maximize healing.

  • We Handle Billing

    Boise Spine and Orthopedic Bracing will bill directly through your insurance, handle your coinsurance/collections and may offer you financial assistance programs if needed.

  • We Will Follow-up in 1 Week

    We will follow-up with you to answer any questions or address concerns. This follow-up call is also meant to make sure that you are following the prescribed usage of your brace or equipment in order to promote healing and help prevent further injury.

Let’s make this easy on you…

We can schedule your fitting appointment in your doctor’s office.

We Also Offer:

  • Patient Fitting, Education & Compliance
  • Referral Coordination with PCP or Specialist Office
  • Delivery and Shipping Services
  • Financial Assistance Programs